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I am trying to take the Vzaar function(data) and pass it into a Gravity Forms?

Any ideas?

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I can't provide any help with Gravity Forms but I can explain a bit more about what the question means. This is actually the result of uploading a video with the vzaar API, and is part of an AJAX post. Here's the code:

$.post('processVideo.php', {
  guid: guid,
  title: this.fileName,
  description: '',
  profile: '3',
  replace_id: '',
  transcoding: 'true',
  labels: labels
}, function(data){
  console.log(data); // This will return the vzaar video ID

So, essentially the question here is 'How do I use this JavaScript variable to do something with it in Gravity Forms?'

Sorry I can't help further but hopefully this will make it easier for people who are better coders than me to answer your question :)

Cheers, Dan

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