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I have a JMeter test that uses a CSV Data Set Config to provide a list of products for each simulated user to purchase.

The test is simple:

  • login
  • pick product to add to cart
  • checkout
  • logout.

This has worked well and now I want to simulate a user purchasing N products. I first tried duplicating the controllers that pick a product and also tried putting those in a loop controller, but in both cases they just add the same product to the cart repeatedly.

What I want is for each user to pick multiple items from the CSV file. I tried modifying settings for the CSV Data Set Config, but I get the same results no matter what I set it to. Am I missing something or is this expected behavior?

How do I get a thread to pick different items from the CSV file?
Is my only choice to provide multiple CSV files and use multiple CSV Data Set Configs?

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Your option is to use __StringFromFile function inside a Loop Controller

You could then use some Beanshell to process the line and split items.

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Cool. I missed that one while looking for a solution, I'll give it a try right now, thanks! It looks like it only gets a single item per line, and my CSV file pulls five items per line. I'll have to think about how to work around that. –  Fran K. Oct 10 '12 at 20:09
I managed to find a way to use a single item without parsing it, and the simpler the better! That worked well, I just created a file with a product id on each line and in the HTTP Request's path I used: /cart/add/product/${__StringFromFile(products_extras.csv,extraProdId,,)} which does the right thing. –  Fran K. Oct 10 '12 at 21:22

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