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While writing a simple game using SBCL, CL-OPENGL, and Lispbuilder-SDL, I can across a strange error. Soon after I got the game working, I decided to clean out all my debugging cruft (print statements, etc). I did so, but when I ran the game afterwards I received the message "Aborted" and my entire Lisp process died, with no other error message and no debugger prompt. Using print statements I managed to isolate the problem to a call to gl:translate. The strange thing is, if I put a break statement before that line and attempt to single-step, I receive no error and the code runs fine. Seems like a race condition almost, but I'm not using threads. Any ideas?

EDIT: It appears that the call to gl:translate isn't the problem. If I do something like the following:

(print 'first)
(print 'second)
(gl:translate ...)

I get the output


Like I said, I'm not using threads.

EDIT 2: It works in CLisp.

EDIT 3: Nevermind, it doesn't.

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The most likely cause is heap corruption caused by passing incorrect pointers to a foreign functions. Giving specific advice is hard without seeing the code, but I'd revise all FFI invocations carefully to check for possible pointer/memory management problems. –  hans23 Oct 10 '12 at 19:07
I'm not directly using any foreign functions, so if this is the reason it's a bug in CL-OPENGL. –  chameco Oct 10 '12 at 19:25
Additionally, Valgrind isn't showing any output. By that I mean that after the "Aborted", there is nothing else, the program just exits. –  chameco Oct 10 '12 at 21:17

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I fixed it by switching back to pure SDL, which is disappointing, but it works.

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