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My app is on Engine Yard services and I need to set the environment variables to work with my secret id and password.

Somebody know how I can set each variables? What is the best way to do this?

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I've just managed to set environment variables for my application running on Unicorn.

  1. Open /data/{app_name}/shared/config/env.custom and edit it to look like this:

    export SECRET_ID=yourid
    export SECRET_PASSWORD=yourpass
  2. Restart unicorn /engineyard/bin/app_{app_name} reload

If you are using passenger take a look at:

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If you're running Unicorn, you can try putting them in /data//shared/config/env.custom. Otherwise, it can be tricky. Throw in a Support ticket and they'll have a look.

Disclosure: I work there :)

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