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I've just started to work with python, so I need someone with experience to point me in right direction. I've made a simple GUI using QT-Designer and when I click the button I want it to load and render some test.svg, that I've accomplished using "gtk" and "rsvg". What I also need (after it is rendered) is that zooming and panning is available. Is there some good(better) libs which I should've use for that? If not, which is the best and easiest way for me (noob) to do that? Any help would be appreciated.

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Qt works very well with SVG. What's the problem? –  Oleh Prypin Oct 10 '12 at 17:13
@BlaXpirit thank you, I guess I really don't know where to look. So, shortly, those lines does what I want: 'widget = QSvgWidget('C:\someTest.svg') widget.show()' but still I can't zoom or pan rendered svg. There are two more problems: opacity of svg shapes is not rendered, and rendered svg's aspect ratio is not fix(window is stretchable) –  Aleksandar Oct 12 '12 at 14:54

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I've solved this using QGraphicsWebView instead of QSvgWidget. QGraphicsWebView already implements all functionality that internet browsers have, so zooming, panning and scripts in svg work fine.

    self.webview = QGraphicsWebView()
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