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I am creating normal c++ project using QT creator . I need to link the boost library. I have used this in eclipse project under Project Properties/C C++ build/Gcc C++ linker/-l boost_filesystem but i am not sure how to do it in QT creator.

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I use Qt, but not Qt-Creator so I'm not sure where in it's UI you might do this.

But in the .pro file (the input to the makefile), you would specify the library with:

LIBS += -lboost_filesystem  # assuming 'boost_filesystem' is the name of the lib file
LIBS += -L/[wherever boost lib files are on your system]

"-l" is the file name and "-L" is the library path name.

LIBS += -lboost_filesystem -L/[wherever boost lib files are on your system]

works too.

"+=" appends it to the current QMake variables, be careful about using "=", unless you really intend to replace the values.

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i use a normal c++ project so there wont be .pro file –  Ramesh Oct 10 '12 at 17:25

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