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We did some maintenance today, and moved our web forums from /forums into the root folder of the domain.

We put in a redirect 301 in a .htaccess file:

Redirect 301 /forums/ http://www.ourforums.com/

However, we used to have some links that contained duplicate /forums folders. I.e. www.ourforums.com/forums/forums/forum.1

Obviously the redirect from above now leads to /forum.1, which odes not exist. I would like the old link to actually point to www.ourforums.com/boards/forum.1. I attempted to use something like:

RewriteRule ^/forums/forums http://www.ourforums.com/boards/ [NC,R=301,L]

Regardless of what I tried though, the Redirect seems to supersede any RewriteRules I put in the same file, regardless of whether I place them before the Redirect.

Is there any way I can somehow ensure the RewriteRule is handled before the Redirect?

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This is because mod_alias (the Redirect directive) and mod_rewrite (the RewriteRule directive) is conflicting with each other in your case. Both of them play their part in the URL-file-mapping processing pipeline, where URI's get processed, rewritten, flagged, and eventually mapped to a resource and a response. You have a Redirect rule which is getting applied and the response is being flagged as a redirect. The thing about the Redirect directive is that it connects 2 path nodes together, meaning:


is connected to


So anything below the /forums folder ends up getting redirected as well. This is why it's catching ^/forums/forums.

You can either stick to just mod_rewrite or use a RedirectMatch that excludes /forums/forums:

RewriteRule ^/forums/forums(.*)$ http://www.ourforums.com/boards$1 [NC,R=301,L]
RewriteRule ^/forums/(.*)$ http://www.ourforums.com/$1 [NC,R=301,L]


RedirectMatch 301 ^/forums/(?!forums)(.*)$ http://www.ourforums.com/$1
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Thanks for the tip. Neither of the suggestions seem to work, but I found that I can generate manual redirects for all the individual forums. It's not my prefered solution, but at least it works and luckily it's something I can script rather than having to do manually. –  SchmitzIT Oct 11 '12 at 13:16
@user569711 It just occurred to me that you have the .htaccess tag, the rewrite rules aren't going to work, they need to have the leading slash removed to work in htaccess, e.g. RewriteRule ^forums –  Jon Lin Oct 11 '12 at 16:25
Thanks again. I tried it, but still no luck. I appreciate you taking the time, though. –  SchmitzIT Oct 11 '12 at 16:40
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Manually adding redirect statements like so seems to do the trick for me:

Redirect /forums/forums/forum.1 http://www.ourforums.com/boards/forum.1
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