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I have a Maven project in SVN with trunk\Config\TestProjConfig folder having all the XML configuration files and all Java code is in trunk\JavaSource\TestProj. When I check out to my local Eclipse there are 2 projects created one for TestProjConfig and one for TestProj.

How do I test this project? Do I have to edit the build path to make a connection between the two projects? Do I have to write a main class which accesses the AppContext file to invoke the Spring injections?

Note:I have the m2eclipse plugin in Eclipse.

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I don't understand why you separated XML configuration from Java sources. It could be a good practice only if you want to reuse your conf in other project, but in this case, I'm not sure that's suitable.

Solution 1

Move all your xml config into JavaSource\TestProj\src\main\resources

If you really don't have to share your configuration or don't have any legacy / corporate / mysterious reason, you should not separate them.

Solution 2

If you REALLY want to separate them, put them in a zip with an assembly, and add a dependency from TestProj to TestProjConfig. Here an example : Maven - Depend on assembled zip

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