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I need the following url

showing as:

My S3 bucket name is “liangpai”. On Route 53, I created a new CNAME named “imgs”, the value I entered is “”

After this I don’t see the S3 web link changes to my domain link.

Anything wrong here?

Thanks for your advice!

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S3 CNAMEs require the bucket name to match the host name. If you want S3 to serve from, you need to create a bucket named See the S3 documentation for more.

You could create a CloudFront distribution to answer to (see CloudFront CNAME support) have it and forward requests to This would, of course, also incur CloudFront charges.

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Thanks. CloudFront works for me after some tweaking! – 100calorie Oct 16 '12 at 11:59

Method 1 : S3 direct CNAME by bucket name

You can create a CNAME record by bucket name following these steps.

  1. Create a bucket name using the same name you will use for your dns entry. i.e.

  2. Create a cname record for to

  3. Set permissions on your bucket based on the access you plan to grant

Method 2 : Static Website on S3

If you are serving static content such as images, files, etc. you can use "Static Website Hosting" for your S3 bucket.

Select your bucket by clicking the bucket icon (enter image description here) and select the "properties" tab on the right and expand "Static Website Hosting". In the Static Website Hosting panel, select the radio button to "Enable website hosting" and set an index and error document. It this point, you will see an "Endpoint" name in this panel. Simple create a DNS CNAME record with the endpoint as the value. You can read the entire Amazon Walkthrough here.

enter image description here

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Hi @Vyke, can i point my subdomain called as "" to a bucket named I haven't turned on static website hosting, cause it is simply used for downloading executables. Creating CName record for the same doesnt work-does this mean I ought to have configured it as static website for it to work- any ideas? Your answer on Method -1 says I need to point it would it work if there are other buckets as well? – JS_GodBlessAll Jan 3 at 0:46

Try this

Using your own bucket CNAME:

echo S3::getAuthenticatedURL("", $uri, 3600, true);

but you putobject file check for read for Everyone premisssion type:


$s3->putObjectFile($tmp, $bucketname , $path.$filename, S3::ACL_PUBLIC_READ)

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