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I'm using the following method to create application pool and assign it to web site.

This is code for application pool creation:

WebSiteName = some website name which existed.

I see that all values are get where they should be in debug mode

 private void ConfiugreAppPoolIIS7(targetMachine)
        var mgr =  ServerManager.OpenRemote(targetMachine);

        if (AppPoolProp.ContainsKey("SomeTestAppPool"))
            string reqAppPool = AppPoolProp["SomeTestAppPool"];

            if (!mgr.ApplicationPools.Any(pool => pool.Name == reqAppPool))
                ApplicationPool myApp = mgr.ApplicationPools.Add(reqAppPool);
                myApp.AutoStart = true;
                myApp.ManagedPipelineMode = ManagedPipelineMode.Classic;
                myApp.ManagedRuntimeVersion = "V4.0";
                myApp.ProcessModel.IdentityType = ProcessModelIdentityType.NetworkService;
                myApp.Enable32BitAppOnWin64 = true;


                foreach (Site site in mgr.Sites)
                   if(site.Name == WebSiteName)
                       site.ApplicationDefaults.ApplicationPoolName = myApp.Name;




The result is, I see the Aplication pool created successfuly, and the Website created as well, but, I see in the advanced settings of my web site the default appplication pool is assigned.

Could you please help?

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The problem has been fixed by fixing reference to right Microsoft.Web.Administration.dll

Cause of this server manage connected to express iis instead of my local iis.

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