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That's how i do wildcard in JNI folder

include $(CLEAR_VARS)
LOCAL_MODULE    := some_module_name
LOCAL_SRC_FILES := $(notdir $(wildcard $(LOCAL_PATH)/*.cpp)) 

Now i want to add new source folder to JNI - some_src with foo.cpp and bar.cpp

include $(CLEAR_VARS)
LOCAL_MODULE    := some_module_name
FOLDER_PREFIX = some_scr
LOCAL_SRC_FILES := $(notdir $(wildcard $(LOCAL_PATH)/*.cpp)) $(FOLDER_PREFIX)/$(notdir $(wildcard $(LOCAL_PATH)/$(FOLDER_PREFIX)/*.cpp))

But this adds $(FOLDER_PREFIX) to bar.cpp only, foo.cpp gets stripped path (jni/foo.cpp) and not builds of course.

How to fix it?

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$(addprefix $(FOLDER_PREFIX),$(notdir $(wildcard $(LOCAL_PATH)/$(FOLDER_PREFIX)/*.cpp))`

or maybe even (do you really need to specify FOLDER_PREFIX?):

$(subst $(LOCAL_PATH)/,,$(wildcard $(LOCAL_PATH)/*/*.cpp)))

The second form allows for the following shortcut:

LOCAL_SRC_FILES := $(subst $(LOCAL_PATH)/,,$(wildcard $(LOCAL_PATH)/*.cpp) $(wildcard $(LOCAL_PATH)/*/*.cpp)))
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