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I have found a few posts that seem similar to what I need, but none seem to solve my problem.

I have a set of variables containing data arrays. For example:

var data1 = [1,2,3,4,5];

I have elements on the page with id's that match those variable names.

<li id="data1">Data 1</li>

I want to be able to click on the <li> element, and call the associated variable. How do I use the variable data1 by clicking on the element with an id of data1...?

As a basic example, let's say I want to alert the contents of the data1 array. I start with something like this:

$('li').click(function() {
   dataID = $(this).attr('id');

   alert( ...? ); // <- how do I get the contents of the variable data1 now that I know the clicked element's id was 'data1'?
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In case if it is from some other external resource and if the data1 is defined in global scope <script>var data1 = [1,2,3,4,5];</script> then you can do window[dataID] –  Vega Oct 10 '12 at 17:46

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If you store the variable on an object, you can reference it easily using array notation.

var dataObj = {};
dataOjb.data1 = [1,2,3,4,5];
$('li').click(function() {
   alert( dataObj[this.id] );
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dataID = $(this).attr('id'); -> dataID = this.id; –  Vega Oct 10 '12 at 17:40
Thanks, that did it. –  jlbriggs Oct 10 '12 at 18:17

You could always use eval(dataID) in order to call your variable, but I would recommend storing your values in an object instead. In matter of fact do not use eval unless absolutely necessary. Storing your values in a object is preferable.

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