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From my understanding (And from what I've seen by using this) if a project has a Gemfile, it only has access to gems that are in the Gemfile (Or more specifically, the Gemfile.lock file).

I want to be able to use some gems that are installed on the system, but not particularly in the Gemfile.lock file - How would I go about this?

For my reasoning: We have a developer VM setup that ensures everything is up to date; however without running bundle update within the project, a tool that we use (That relies on a Gem) cannot be updated (Or even used, if it isn't in the Gemfile).

I can keep the gem updated, but cannot force the project to use the version without updating the Gemfile.lock information - So I would prefer to just let the project use all or specific system gems, and just have the Gemfile as a "quick way to get your system up to date with the project".

Another note: The application uses rake tasks to operate (Tool has a gem, the gem looks for a specific rake file for custom configuration).

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where are your system gems installed?

make sure to have GEM_PATH env var set to that location.

use gem env gempath to check you have it set correctly.

if not, set it in ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile

export GEM_PATH='/path/to/system/gems'
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This is on a per-project basis. It will work fine for projects that do not have a Gemfile. It's a Gemfile "feature" that you're limited to the gems within the Gemfile in that project. I'll give this a try, but what you're alluding to seems like it wouldn't work. I can use my gems anywhere else. –  TJ Biddle Oct 10 '12 at 21:26

You just need to require the library (read gem).

You can require it in a specific file that uses the gem's functionality, or you can require it in config/application.rb (in Rails 3) to make it available to the whole app.

To be safe, ensure that the gem is available:

if Gem::Specification::find_by_name('my_gem')
  require 'my_gem'
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Hm, no luck. I'm running Rails 3.2.6 - It's now saying "Could not find gem name (>= 0) and lists all the gems that were installed with Bundler, but not all the gems on the system as the gem is installed when I check with gem list. Updated my question on the last line with a bit of extra info. Also added a require in the Rakefile. –  TJ Biddle Oct 10 '12 at 18:21

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