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Possible Duplicate:
jquery or css selector? select all id’s that start with

This code changes #idview's src attribute on mouse-over of ids 1-3.

$("#id_1, #id_2, #id_3, #etc").mouseover(function(){
    $("#idview").attr("src","id_" + this.id.substr(3,4) + ".jpg");

How can I select an ID by "#id_" and then a variable integer? Say for example if there were 1000 images, where it would be impractical to write this out long hand?

It may be something like $("#id_"+*)?

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how do you change source? based on the id? – balanv Oct 10 '12 at 17:56
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Use an attribute starts-with selector:

$("[id^='id_']").mouseover(function () {
    //Do stuff

It would be a little more efficient to clarify the element type before the attribute selector, but it's not clear from your question exactly what elements you're trying to select.

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Ah brilliant, didn't think of this approach. Thanks. The element types are both images if that helps? – user961437 Oct 10 '12 at 17:56
@idb - You're welcome, glad I could help. In that case, just add img before the attribute selector: img[id^='id_']. – James Allardice Oct 10 '12 at 18:02

Simply incorporate the variable integer into a string:

var integer = 2
    myid = "id_" + integer;

$( "#" + myid ) // Selector

Although if you don't need to target specific IDs then I would go with James' answer.

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    $('#idview').attr('src', this.id + ".jpg"));

Or you can add a class to the elements you want to bind and then use it as selector.

$('.myClass').mouseover(function() {
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