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I have two databases that are created in a bash file, let's call them 1.sqlite and 2.sqlite. I'd like to combine them into a new database (3.sqlite). Is there a command in bash that'll do that?


The answer that sputnick gave me got me on the right track. But I had to rearrange it to be:

sqlite3 1.sqlite .dump > tempdb.sqlite
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Yes, try the following shell code:

sqlite3 .dump 1.sqlite > dump
sqlite3 .dump 2.sqlite >> dump
sqlite3 3.sqlite < dump

But take care of table collisions if they have the same names.

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Without intermediate file (source): sqlite3 .dump 1.sqlite | sqlite3 3.sqlite and sqlite3 .dump 2.sqlite | sqlite3 3.sqlite –  Yi Huang Nov 22 '14 at 9:08

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