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I've been struggling for a while with phpunit and zend framework trying to be agile. I have a xml file with the config that had been working for a while

<phpunit bootstrap="./bootstrap.php">
    <testsuite name="Unit test">

            <directory suffix=".php">../../library/Zend</directory>

See that's a simple config file. Now, when I reach the 100 assertions (yuppi!!) or is it the 10.00Mb Memory, I've found that the phpunit is not evaluating any more classes nor methods. I keep having this same output

PHPUnit 3.6.3 by Sebastian Bergmann.
Configuration read from C:\folder\tests\phpunit.xml
Time: 4 seconds, Memory: 10.00Mb
OK (29 tests, 100 assertions)

Am I missing something here? I've also tryed doing testsuites and groups but in the end I don't think that last is working as expected

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Write a phpunit test that outputs the current value for the memory limit echo ini_get('memory_limit');

If that is 10M, or close, edit it in php.ini (set to -1 to have no limit at all).

P.S. make sure you are looking at the right configuration file for the cli version of php.

php -i | grep "Loaded Config"

P.P.S. I'd not leave memory_limit at -1, once you confirmed that is the issue. I would set it to something much bigger, such as 64M. Then, in future, if a non-broken script ever needs more, increase it again.

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Many thanks. That fixes my problem –  Alwin Kesler Oct 15 '12 at 14:49
@AlwinKesler Great. I just added a note to point out not to leave at -1. memory_limit can catch genuine problem scripts before they bring your system down :-) –  Darren Cook Oct 15 '12 at 23:02

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