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Is there a way to get Intellij to automatically update to the newest snapshot of a dependency using gradle?

I currently have two projects, A and B. A is a library that B uses. I am developing them both from scratch at the same time.

I have a Jenkins build that checks out the code from a development branch, runs the gradle build script, and then publish the artifact to my snapshot artifactory repository.

My build.gradle is set to use integration.latest from my snapshot repository but Intellij will not pull in the changes automatically. I have to go to jetgradle, click refresh and then import the new snapshot and then remove the previous snapshot.

Is there an easier way?

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Could you give some more info? Are you using gradle idea plugin (else that would probably be your answer). What do you mean by "jetgradle, click refresh" – Shakyamuni Oct 10 '12 at 19:58
I am using the gradle idea plugin. There is a side panel labeled as JetGradle, the refresh button is top left: When I click refresh my snapshot dependency shows up as green and I have to right click and click import in order to actually pull the library in. I am creating a snapshot of my library, incrementing the snapshot version number. I then click refresh and my new version shows up as green, ready to be pulled in but the old one remains. – jgrowl Oct 10 '12 at 20:23
looking at intellij docs, it appears that you currently cannot do that (tho i may be wrong). i had the same problem before that forced me to switch to gradle idea plugin instead (generating idea settings files). maybe intellij 12 will make it more flexible. – rodion Oct 10 '12 at 22:59
I'm almost certain that you still have to manually regenerate the idea project files in 12 – noamt Oct 11 '12 at 7:08
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So it seems like there is not a way to pull in the latest snapshot automatically. I wanted to have nicely modularized library projects but still actively develop them at the same time I was working on projects that depended on them.

I ended up creating a main project with its own build.gradle. I then added git submodules for my library projects.

This allows me to have separated library projects that I can reuse but also a fast development cycle as I don't have to wait for artifacts to get pushed to my artifactory server.

My Jenkins builds still pull artifacts from my artifactory server though.

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If you update local code in Project A and want to see them reflected in project B with A as dependency you should run gradle install on project A. (install is available on the IntelliJ task panel) Install will update the jar in the local maven repository and that will update IntelliJ with the latest code.

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