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I am trying to create custom AlertDialog with two EditText fields for input. Here is the code:

void newItemInput(){

    AlertDialog.Builder builder = new AlertDialog.Builder(this);

    LayoutInflater inflater = this.getLayoutInflater();

    builder.setView(inflater.inflate(R.layout.dialog_signin, null));


    builder.setPositiveButton("Ok", new DialogInterface.OnClickListener() {
        public void onClick(DialogInterface dialog, int whichButton) {

            EditText item_name = (EditText)findViewById(;
            EditText item_price =(EditText)findViewById(;

            String text = item_name.getText().toString();
            String text_price = item_price.getText().toString();
            int price = Integer.parseInt(text_price);

            // Do something with value!
            products.add(new Product(text, price, R.drawable.unread, false));

    builder.setNegativeButton("Cancel", new DialogInterface.OnClickListener() {
        public void onClick(DialogInterface dialog, int whichButton) {


It shows up and I can input data but when I press OK to submit my data to products.add(new Product(text, price, R.drawable.unread, false)); as text and price app crashes down. Here is the layout file:

<LinearLayout xmlns:android=""

Please advise what am I doing wrong? When I use not custom Dialog coding with one text field it works fine but I need two fields and assume that this crash because of LayoutInflater.

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Firstly, in the future, when you receive LogCat errors, please post them.

Best solution is to cast the dialog to an AlertDialog, then use that.

AlertDialog aDialog = (AlertDialog) dialog; // This will ONLY work if (dialog instanceof AlertDialog)
EditText item_name = (EditText) aDialog.findViewById(;
EditText item_price =(EditText) aDialog.findViewById(;

Alternatively, if the above doesn't work, you can save the View you give to the builder, then use that instead.

Like so, using a final modifier to access within the OnClickListener:

final View v = inflater.inflate(R.layout.dialog_signin, null);

Then, access v.findViewById within the OnClickListener to find the views.

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no crash but no result. arguments don't reach products.add(new Product(text, price, R.drawable.unread, false)); – user1706819 Oct 10 '12 at 18:39
There is no reason products.add wouldn't execute if aDialog.findViewById did, as there is nothing in between that would block it. How are you checking the result? Try adding a log output, or something. – Eric Oct 10 '12 at 18:41
your best solution works but in a strange way. it provides arguments after second time input. Like I have inputed name and price it did not show up and when I have inputed other values second time here comes previous and the new one. – user1706819 Oct 10 '12 at 19:01
only previous, next try the one before, etc. – user1706819 Oct 10 '12 at 19:05
I'm not sure I understand, but maybe try using setText("") on the EditTexts to erase their values? You shouldn't be reusing the same dialog once you've built it. – Eric Oct 10 '12 at 19:07

Where AlertDialog alertDialog = (AletrDialog)dialog;

EditText item_name = (EditText)**alertDialog **.findViewById(;

EditText item_price =(EditText)**alertDialog **.findViewById(;

you have to find the views in a dialog in this way.

As Eric Mentioned the dialog should get typecasted to AlertDialog

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This will not work. DialogInterface has no findViewById method. – Eric Oct 10 '12 at 18:29
I have tried it gives error on debugging – user1706819 Oct 10 '12 at 18:29
but I have seen some samples – user1706819 Oct 10 '12 at 18:31
statement looks very strange??? – user1706819 Oct 10 '12 at 18:42

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