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I have a query: https://myaddress.ee/admin/usersearchajax?country=EE&query=arno

returns: NULL

returns: string(5) "arno"

How to fix this problem? I mean how to get GET values with zend framework? Lets assume i can't change the query string.

zend version 1.11.11

    public function usersearchajaxAction(){
    $this->_helper->viewRenderer->setNoRender( true );

    $userService = new Application_Services_User();

    $userList = $userService->searchByName($this->_request->getParam('query'));
    $this->_helper->json($userService->getArrayForAutoComplete($this->_request->getParam('query'), $userList));


I found the problem, there was and override of $_GET variable in my project. So it is fix now. thank you all for reading and thinking about this

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2 Answers

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instead of


use this


there is no need to use request action helper in Action to get this params

or try to use this way which uses request action helper

$request  = $this->getRequest();
$query = $request->getParam('query');

hope this link will help you

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Also you can view all params in a row $this->_request->getAllParams(); Then find needle param in a row and get using $this->_request->getParam('needle');

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