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So, I have this code

class InvoiceNotifier < ActionMailer::Base
  include Sidekiq::Worker
  default from: '',
          return_path: ''

  def testEmail(recipient)
    @account = recipient

    mail(to: recipient).deliver


running the command (from console)


works, though


does not work, and it returns a string.

How do I debug this? I look at redis and it has 3 keys, though none of them appear to have any values.


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The perform method is not required. The problem was I wasn't doing

bundle exec sidekiq

from command line to actually have an interface to interact with.. is a great place to go to learn since I wasn't really looking at the front page of sidekiq to do their 'get started guide' and while it's on the front page to execute this command, I didn't notice it when I was diving in.

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