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I've recently installed the release version of Visual Studio 2012, and am having lots of problems with the Test Explorer. For example, when I right click a test in the Test Explorer to select it, and select "Debug Selected Tests", it runs the test for me, but not in debug mode - it never hits any breakpoints I've set in the test. Also, if I right click a test in the Test Explorer to select it, and then "Open Test" from the context menu that comes up, nothing happens, the test does not open.

I wanted to check and see if anyone else is seeing similar problems with the VS 2012 Test Explorer, and what can be done to fix the problems.

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In your solution build configuration, is the test project set to build?

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Yes, the test project is set to build in the Configuration Manager. – Russ Clark Oct 11 '12 at 13:39
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It appears that this is a bug in Visual Studio 2012. The workaround I'm currently using is to run the tests from Resharper's Test Interface. Hopefully there will be a fix for the problem soon.

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