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I'm looking to get into both iPhone and Android development and after getting a MacBook and playing with XCode, I'm starting to re-think starting in Objective-C (fairly steep learning curve).

Have been in technology for 20 years now (primarily appdev) and have strong .NET skills.

Therefore I'm looking at Xamarin's MonoTouch (iPhone) and Mono for Android.

My biggest concern is support for ad networks as I definitely want to monetize my apps. Specifically, is there a way to use ChartBoost, RevMob, iAd, and/or other networks in Mono?

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From my experience you can easy integrate iAd (directly supported on MonoTouch.iAd namespace) and AdMob using some binding.

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So it seems like it's possible, though I may have to figure out the bindings. Thanks for the reply. –  A PlayfulOne Oct 16 '12 at 2:38

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