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I have a table in MySQL:

id       name        parent_id
1        animals       null
2        mammal         1
3        feline         2
4        human          2
5        cat            3
6        invertebrate   1
7        snake          6
8        objects        null

I want a MySQL query that displays the results in this order:


I'm still learning and am completely stuck with this one.

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This might help:


I think it assumes that you have a set number of nesting levels though.

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Or upgrade to a DBMS that properly supports these kind of queries ;) –  a_horse_with_no_name Oct 10 '12 at 18:54

If you want to display a tree structure with an indefinite number of nested levels, I think you'll need to use mysql "within" some other language. With mysql and PHP this can be done with a couple nested "while" and "if" loops. But as Iouri says, a "purely" Mysql approach such as joining the table back to itself, will only support as many nesting levels as the number of joins you have.

    t1.name, t2.name, t3.name
FROM table t1
    JOIN table t2 ON t2.parent_id = t1.id
    JOIN table t3 ON t3.parent_id = t2.id
    # etc.
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