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I am trying to create a .bat file that will substitute a set of variables (in order) with an entire line of text.

I have used to pull a array of 3 lines of text from the file 'variables.txt':

    @echo off
    set vidx=0
    for /F "tokens=*" %%A in (variables.txt) do (
SET /A vidx=!vidx! + 1
set var!vidx!=%%A
    set var

I want to scan the file 'export.txt' and, the first time it hits the word 'client' I want to replace that entire line with the first variable.

The second time it hits the word 'client' I want it to replace the entire line with the second variable (and so on).

I'm really having a hard time and am not sure about multiple variable in the for /F sequence.

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You're almost there, you just need to cycle through the lines containing client

set vidx=0
for /F "tokens=*" %%A in ('findstr "client" export.txt') do (
SET /A vidx=!vidx! + 1
set var!vidx!=%%A
set var

for export.txt file:

client test1 test1
blah blah blah
client test2 test 2
blah blah
test client test3

output is:

var1=client test1 test1
var2=client test2 test 2
var3=test client test3
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