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For example: I have a file that contains some

my name is sunny
i am a student

i want to read from file and store it like,



How can I do it? Thanks in advance.

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all lines have exactly 4 words? – gokcehan Oct 10 '12 at 20:51

You can use fgets to read each line of text. For each line read, you increment the counter you use to access a first dimmension (rows). And for each read line you use strtok to iterate over all tokens in the line. For each token strtok returns you should attribute the pointer to a[i][j] and increment j.

Of course, a is a pointer to char matriz.

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Even if they are separated by some other character than space, you can always list all possible ones in the call to strtok – fayyazkl Oct 10 '12 at 19:38

well, im going to give you some clues.

First declare a as

char a[2][3];

This variable can be used like this:

int main()
   char a[2][3];



Then use fscanf(f, "%c", a[][]); to read from file, see internet tutorials and manual pages for this.

Other option is to do it dinamically:

Declare a as:

char **a;

After that, you alloc memory like this:

a = (char**)malloc(2 * sizeof(char*));  //Two times the size of char

Now you have the memory for the first array, we want to "insert" into each space of the array another array. Think in it like a matrix.

for(i=0; i<3; i++)
    a[i] = (char*)malloc(3 * sizeof(char));

This give you your matrix. Use it like the first case.

The case of the question read strings, so try to do the same with this struct instead of char

typedef struct string {
    char cadena[6];

Good Luck!

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I haven't teste it. It's just a example how to do it.

/* not real value; see limits.h header if you are in POSIX or equivalento to your env */
#define LINE_MAX 128
char line[LINE_MAX + 1];
char contents[MAX_LINES][MAX_WORDS];
char * token;
/* read file line by line */
while(fgets(line, LINE_MAX, fp) != NULL) {
 /* split words by white-space */
 token = strtok(buffer, " ");
 while(token != NULL) {
   // token is "my", after "name" and and so on.
   // store it into contents array. you can use strcpy() or strncpy() (more safe) 
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