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I Have two tables:

CarID (primary key)


ImageID (primary key)
CarID (foreign key)

I have inserted the following records into tbl_car_detail:

CarID                CarBrand
1                    Audi
2                    bwm

I am inserting multiple images with the same CarID into tbl_car_Image like this:

ImageID                  CarID             Image
1                        1                 Image1
2                        1                 Image2
3                        1                 Image3
4                        2                 Image4
5                        2                 Image5

I want show result in one result set from both tables. I am using this query:

SELECT     dbo.Tbl_Car_detail.CarID,dbo.tbl_mst_CarDetail.CarBrand , tbl_car_Image.Image
FROM         dbo.Tbl_Car_detail.CarID RIGHT OUTER JOIN
                      tbl_car_Image.Image ON dbo.Tbl_Car_detail.CarID = dbo.tbl_car_Image.CarID

Which results with this:

CarID               CarBrand                Image
1                   Audi                    Image1
1                   Audi                    Image2
1                   Audi                    Image3
2                   Bmw                     Image4
2                   Bmw                     Image5

However, I want only one image with per CarID result like this

CarID               CarBrand                Image
1                   Audi                    Image1
2                   Bmw                     Image4
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So you only want the first image for each CarID? This will do that...

SELECT dbo.Tbl_Car_detail.CarID,dbo.tbl_mst_CarDetail.CarBrand,(SELECT TOP 1 tbl_car_Image.Image FROM tbl_car_Image.Image WHERE dbo.Tbl_Car_detail.CarID=dbo.tbl_car_Image.CarID) AS Image FROM dbo.Tbl_Car_detail.CarID
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