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I have an issue where my css3 transformations are effecting other elements on the page and even causing them to sort of flicker. I saw another post about this but they didn't have a resolution with the issue. when you scroll over the navigation you see an animated css3 transformation. It works fine in firefox without flickering but with chrome and safari the effect is very obvious, you see it in the drop down menu items as well as the footer text.

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It works completely fine - Chrome 24 on Mac – Miha Rekar Oct 10 '12 at 19:50
I have tested in on safari/chrome on multiple macs, the effect was actually worse in safari. – mfdeath Oct 10 '12 at 20:09
link is dead. but anyway, I experience the same on chrome 24 on my PC. – vsync Jan 15 '13 at 18:29
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This is a known issue with Macintosh text rendering on Chrome 22 (and apparently Safari). GPU acceleration causes MacOS to switch from subpixel to greyscale antialiasing which makes the font weight appear to decrease noticeably.


As the OP notes below, the fix is to apply webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased - which applies greyscale antialiasing at all times. If you do this, you'll probably want to increase your font-weights all around since greyscale antialiased text looks notably thinner than sub-pixel

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Thanks dude found what I was looking for. For those of you that end up here from the googlesphere : -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; seems to resolved the issue. – mfdeath Oct 11 '12 at 14:38
Probably worth noting that setting -webkit-font-smoothing: subpixel-antialiased; will achieve the same thing without causing the type to appear thinner. – Andrew Philpott May 24 '13 at 19:56

Working solution for flickering elements during transition in Chrome is to set up CSS for parent node:

-webkit-backface-visibility: hidden;

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It seems to me as if this simply sets the font rendering to greyscale antialiasing. – enyo Jan 7 '14 at 15:53
This works for me when added to the flickering element (not the parent). – Fateh Khalsa Feb 3 '14 at 21:08

I was having the same issue in Chrome but not Firefox.

The temporary fix is to add a web-kit fix and remove the transition:

-webkit-transition: none;
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The solution for me was to apply the bellow css to the parent of all affected elements.

-webkit-transform-style: preserve-3d;
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