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I am trying to just externalize some custom properties in grails.

I cannot find a clear way on how to externalize some string properties and use them in my code. Can any one please help me out.

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You have to specify the location of the external configuration file in the config.groovy.

For example like this:

if (!grails.config.locations || !(grails.config.locations instanceof List)) {
    grails.config.locations = []

// Internal Jetty: config-files are locates inside the /web-app/WEB-INF directory
if( GrailsUtil.isDevelopmentEnv() ) {
    def dir =["base.dir"]
    def f1 = "${dir}" + File.separator + "web-app" + File.separator + "WEB-INF" + File.separator + "${appName}-config.groovy"
    grails.config.locations << "file:${f1}"

// TIER Tomcat: config-files are locates inside Tomcat's conf-directory
else if(["catalina.home"] ) {
    def dir =["catalina.home"]
    def f1 = "${dir}" + File.separator + "conf" + File.separator + "${appName}-config.groovy"
    grails.config.locations << "file:${f1}"

// JBOSS, Glassfish etc
else {

// Further choices: command line argument (-D{$appName}.config.location=xxx)
if(["${appName}.config.location"] ) {
  grails.config.locations << "file:" +["${appName}.config.location"]

So on local development the config file is locate under the WEB-INF directory. While going life you have various choices of where to put your configuration file. You can adapt, if needed, the code to works for in the same way.

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