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I am trying to use Select-String to find the trademark symbol in docx files - they Unicode for the symbol is 0x00AE, but the regular expression (that does work in say RegExpal) \u00AE does not work I tried just this simple thing:

Select-String -Path *.docx "\u00AE"

I am a bit of a newb and will appreciate any help.

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The issue is that Select-String (documentation) searches for strings in plain-text files.

A DOCX file is not plain text, but a bunch of XML files inside a ZIP container. It's a binary file, and due to compression won't even contain the characters in the text of the document.

What you probably want is a library that can read OOXML documents; you would then search in the text returned by the library.

In particular, look at the Select-OpenXmlString command from the Power Tools for Open XML project on Codeplex. This blog post gives a description and usage example:

Select-OpenXmlString[...] has similar functionality to the Select-String cmdlet that comes with PowerShell.

In particular, to use it to search for a string like "\u00AE",

You can use the –List parameter of Select-OpenXmlString to retrieve a list of all documents with specific content. In this directory, I have a lot of Open XML documents, and want to find all documents that mention France.

Select-OpenXmlString *.docx -simpleMatch France -List | Select-Object Filename
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Aaah - makes sense, thank you so much. – Sirkku Willie Oct 10 '12 at 20:33
@SirkkuWillie: If this answer helped you, remember you can mark it as accepted by clicking the checkmark. – Mechanical snail Oct 12 '12 at 1:01

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