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I am trying to write a build script for a REST service which sits on top of our existing business logic layer, however, I only want to include the minimal amount of sources to keep the service small and only contain what it absolutely needs.

Below is my current compile target. I am able to either include everything or nothing. I assume I am making a simple mistake I can't seem to spot or find online.

<target name="compile">
    <mkdir dir="${build.classes.dir}"/>
    <javac source="1.6"
            <dirset dir="${src.eai.dir}" errorOnMissingDir="true">
                <include name="common/vo/"/>
                <include name="common/"/>
            <dirset dir="${src.ets.dir}" errorOnMissingDir="true">
                <include name="common/vo/" />
                <include name="price/vo/" />
                <include name="price/vo/" />
            <dirset dir="${}" errorOnMissingDir="true">
                <include name="java"/>
        <!-- this line ignores everything, without it it includes everything -->
        <exclude name="**/*.java"/>
        <classpath refid="classpath"/>

Is there a way to only include the files specified above?

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In place of exclude, try include and list your java files separated with comma(,) e.g:

<include name="common/vo/",common/, common/vo/,price/vo/,price/vo/" />
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This is not ideal, but it works. thanks. The other thing I had to do was ad the **/ in front of everything. – shuniar Oct 11 '12 at 13:23

Don't set both the srcdir attribute and the nested <src> element, as I imagine Ant is simply combining the two.

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