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I have an MxN matrix, Z, and some variable h. This matrix represents the points to a solution of a function f(x,y). h is the spacing between points. For instance:

Z(x/h,y/h) = (some value in the Z direction), where x and y are some multiple of h

The domain is from 0 to M*h and the range is from 0 to N*h. I would like to make a 3d representation of the solution defined by the matrix. The graph should be similar to what is produced using the pdetool. How do I do this in Matlab?

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You can use surf or bar3.

Here is the documentation:

surf: http://www.mathworks.fr/help/matlab/ref/surf.html;jsessionid=c680a6b29a1fa8ff47c120353c12

enter image description here

bar3: http://www.mathworks.fr/fr/help/matlab/ref/bar3.html enter image description here

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Thanks! I think surf is what I am wanting. Is there a way to use the surf command and define a non-rectangular domain? Basically I have a region of the matrix that I do not want to plot. –  user972276 Oct 10 '12 at 21:03
as described in the documentation, you can use surf(X,Y,Z) to specify the (X,Y) position of each Z. This can be used to have holes in your stuff. I cannot give more details without more explanation about your holes. Maybe ask a separate question. –  Oli Oct 10 '12 at 21:09
yeah but if I set X to something like [0,h,2h,2h,...] and Y similarly, how does that produce holes? It says I can specify X and Y as a matrix but I dont understand how that would work. I will ask in a separate question. –  user972276 Oct 10 '12 at 21:14
X and Y should have the same size than Z –  Oli Oct 10 '12 at 21:18
yeah but what is the (x,y) coordinate for a point in Z that should not be graphed? I cant make it (0,0) or something cause all the Z points will just go to (0,0). –  user972276 Oct 10 '12 at 23:00

Here is an example of using surf to plot a 2D matrix in Matlab.


x_offset = [78, 216, 150, 342, 258, 336;
            168, 174, 174, 222, 150, 246;
            36, 180, 54, 138, 138, 198;
            60, -72, 90, 66, 114, 36;
            -90, -108, -60, 12, 54, -24;
            -42, -78, -138, -42, -12, -114;
            -108, -30, -108, -66, -156, -114;
            -66, -114, -114, -84, -138, -96];
figure(1), surf(x_offset);
xlabel('X'), ylabel('Y'), title('X-offset Error Distribution');


enter image description here

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