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I'm using the jquery-validation-engine plugin and after validate I need to add a class to the inputs with the error promt to add for example a red border or something like that, is there a way using the plugin configuration to setup this?

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I alsow use that same plugin.

Do you have the last verion off the plug-in ? In the file: jquery.validationEngine.js

you will find almost at the bottom:

InvalidFields: [],
    onFieldSuccess: false,
    onFieldFailure: false,
    onSuccess: false,
    onFailure: false,
    addSuccessCssClassToField: false,
    addFailureCssClassToField: false,

These are the 'master' settings for the options you are looking for. My current setup is like:

        InvalidFields: [],
    onFieldSuccess: true,
    onFieldFailure: true,
    onFormSuccess: false,
    onFormFailure: false,
    addSuccessCssClassToField: 'inputbox-success',
    addFailureCssClassToField: 'inputbox-error',

And then the two css classes in youre css file ( 'inputbox-error' & 'inputbox-succes').

This works just fine over here.. Good Luck...

And if you have any more question about this plugin or other functions off it just ask .. :P

Greets, Marco

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That worked perfectly, thanks! –  user1558722 Oct 12 '12 at 14:12

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