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I'm looking to perform split testing between 3 different pages.

I'm using a uber simple rotate.php file as my index that doesn't yet have a rotate ability. Here is what it contains:

<?php header('Location: http://stackoverflow.com');?>

How can I add more URLs, then evenly rotate between them?

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I'm really curious why this was downvoted, and voted to be closed as "not a real question". This is one of the best questions I've read all day. How is this not a real question? –  Brad Oct 10 '12 at 21:06

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If you're looking to A/B/C test these pages and you use Google Analytics, I'd recommend looking into Google Website Optimizer.

If you still want to do it on your own, you can use something like Brad's answer. However, if you want a decent result, don't forget to cookie the user and make sure you send them to the same page each time. For example:

$pages = array(
     1 => 'http://stackoverflow.com',
     2 => 'http://google.com'
if (isset($_COOKIE['testpage']) && isset($pages[$_COOKIE['testpage']])) {
    $page = $pages[$_COOKIE['testpage']];
} else {
    $page = array_rand($pages);
    setcookie('testpage', $page, ...);
    $page = $pages[$page];
header('Location: ' . $page);
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I would suggest making an array of URLs, and randomly picking one.

$urls = array(
header('Location: ' . $urls[array_rand($urls)]);
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