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I'd like to extend my skill set into GPU computing. I am familiar with raytracing and realtime graphics(OpenGL), but the next generation of graphics and high performance computing seems to be in GPU computing or something like it.

I currently use an AMD HD 7870 graphics card on my home computer. Could I write CUDA code for this? (my intuition is no, but since Nvidia released the compiler binaries I might be wrong).

A second more general question is, Where do I start with GPU computing? I'm certain this is an often asked question, but the best I saw was from 08' and I figure the field has changed quite a bit since then.

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check here developer.nvidia.com/cuda-gpus –  Exbury Jul 15 at 19:41

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Nope, you can't use CUDA for that. CUDA is limited to NVIDIA hardware. OpenCL would be the best alternative.

Khronos itself has a list of resources. As does the StreamComputing.eu website. For your AMD specific resources, you might want to have a look at AMD's APP SDK page.

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Like I figured. Any advice on where to get started on GPGPU programming with openCL? –  Lee Jacobs Oct 10 '12 at 21:05
Check out the OpenCL Programming Guide. One of the awesome things about OpenCL vs CUDA is the much better tooling support –  Callum Rogers Oct 10 '12 at 21:32
Yep, I know just can never remember, already edited :p –  Callum Rogers Oct 10 '12 at 21:33

You cant use CUDA for GPU Programming as CUDA is supported by NVIDIA devices only. If you want to learn GPU Computing I would suggest you to start CUDA and OpenCL simultaneously. That would be very much beneficial for you.. Talking about CUDA, you can use mCUDA. It doesn't require NVIDIA's GPU..

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I used Nsight for programming for CUDA, that's pretty cool. Also you can try Profile, a graphic plug-in tells you how much resource you are using.

here is the link: http://www.nvidia.com/object/nsight.html

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CUDA and OpenCL • NVIDIA defined “CUDA” (new) –

  • Compute Unified Device Architecture


• Khrono’s group defined “OpenCL” (newer)

  • – Open Standard for Parallel Programming of Heterogeneous Systems



  • Create the OpenCL / OpenGL shared context;
  • Acquire and manipulate OpenGL vertex buffer objects;
  • Release OpenGL objects.

If you are familiar with OpenGL and have read through this OpenCL tutorial this should be very easy.

for more info check :


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