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Is there a way in Matlab to find the 4h vertice of a parallelogram when other 3 are known ?

I would like to draw a rotated reactangle with mouse but Matlab doesn't allow it, so I decided to put 3 points and find 4th one automatically and by impoly function draw a


p1 = getPosition(h);
p2 = getPosition(h2);
p3 = getPosition(h3);
%p4=help needed here
impoly(gca,[p1 ; p2  ; p3  ;p4y])


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One problem you face is that there is an ambiguity. Simple vector addition will find you a fourth point, but it might not be the fourth point you want.

Do you have:

     \    \  
      \    \  


   /    /
  /    /


     /  \
    *    *
     \  /

That said. Assume that you have parallelogram ABCD, and that you know you have verticies ABC, then you can find D by noting that \vec{BD} = \vec{BA} + \vec{BC}.

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thanx. how can I get the vec{BA} by knowing A,B,C coordinates.just by subtracting Ax,Bx and Ay,By ? –  tguclu Aug 16 '09 at 0:08
"just by subtracting Ax,Bx and Ay,By" Yes. Sorry that I don't know matlab syntax, btw. –  dmckee Aug 16 '09 at 1:12

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