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is there Any Way To Make my Method Take many input variable but with out overloading ... could be my question not clear ... I mean Like That :

if I Have This Method

public void setValues (int val1,int val2 ,String val3){

what I want is : use this method with many way

setValues (val1,val2)


setValues (val3)

why I want to do that with out overloading : Because if i have as example 10 variable i want to add many method with overloading but i don't like that ...

is there any way helps me to check variable or skip it in the same method ..

Thanks for help .

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You can use varargs future to partially solve your problem This can be done if you have parameters of a same type.

But it will require that you will pass variables with the same type as a last param. It is not completely what you want, but it is a small workaround.

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thanks my friend its really help if you have all your variables same type , but i have a method with more 10 variables with defferent types and i can't believe i must to add more than 6 method for just one thing – Bashar Staifan Oct 10 '12 at 21:46
It is Java world. It has some limitations. – Kirill Lebedev Oct 10 '12 at 23:02

No there's no way to do that in Java without method overloading. One alternative would be to group those parameters which are related and make them fields of a class. Then the method would take an instance of that class as a parameter, and which ever parameters were optional would then be null.

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