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I'm trying to use OpenGL and GLFW with Derelict3 for the D language, but I have some problems with the glfw3.dll and I'm not sure about what I did wrong:

  • I downloaded Derelict3 from and run the build.d and linked the *.lib (DMD compiler) with my project.
  • As Derelict3 seems to need the glfw3.dll I cloned the Git repository git://
  • I created a folder build and called cmake -G "MinGW Makefiles" .. from within and got a glfw.dll, glfwdll.lib and libglfw.a.
  • Then I copied the glfw.dll into my project directory and renamed it to glfw3.dll.

But when I run my program I get the error:

derelict.util.exception.SymbolLoadException@..\import\derelict\util\exception.d(38): Failed to load symbol glfwSetErrorCallback from shared library glfw3.dll

Does anybody know how to setup the Derelict3?

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You're using the wrong Repo, glfw3 moved to github:

The error you see is caused, by the old version of glfw, in this old version is no symbol called glfwSetErrorCallback.

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Thanks a lot! This was driving me crazy... – user1736149 Oct 11 '12 at 12:51

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