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I have a variable called value in my js that gets updated based on the scrollbars percent. my value is between 0 - 360. I want a way to update the below css values. Is there a way I can group them together in an object and pass the value to them. For example when using opacity I can do something like this.

function updateCSS(target, value){
 var cssObj = {};
 cssObj["opacity"] = value;

I need a way to be able to update all the prefix rotate property with my value number. Any good ideas how I could do this.

-webkit-transform: rotate(value);  /* Safari 3.1+, Chrome 
     -moz-transform: rotate(value);  /* Firefox 3.5-15 
      -ms-transform: rotate(value);  /* IE9+ 
       -o-transform: rotate(value);  /* Opera 10.5-12.00 
          transform: rotate(value);  /* Firefox 16+, Opera 12.50+ 
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Why do you need to update all of them? Use modernizr to detect what value is used in the current browser and update it, others will be ignored anyways. –  Sergey Rybalkin Oct 10 '12 at 21:22

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Just use the .css() method, and also you forgot to include deg:

function updateCSS(target, value){
        '-webkit-transform': 'rotate('+value+'deg)',
        '-moz-transform': 'rotate('+value+'deg)',
        '-ms-transform': 'rotate('+value+'deg)',
        '-o-transform': 'rotate('+value+'deg)',
        'transform': 'rotate('+value+'deg)'

Fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/XKyEz/3/

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You can use the style object to change CSS properties:

var style = element.style;
style.WebkitTransform =
    style.MozTransform =
    style.msTransform =
    style.OTransform =
    style.transform = 'rotate(' + angle + ')';
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CSS is not a programming language. It does not support variables. You need to use JavaScript to do this.

$(target).attr('-webkit-transform', 'rotate('+value+')'); ....etc

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You can do it with jquery very simply:

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