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i've just started to learn XNA and i want to make a tooltip? I've googled but not found any answer.

Thanks in advance.

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MouseState ms = Mouse.GetState();

if (ms.X == YourPoint.X && ms.X == YourPoint.X)
   SpriteBatch.DrawString(ToolTipFont, "A tooltip!", new Vector2(ms.X,ms.Y),Color.White);

You could and also should use Rectangle.Intersects for an easy way to see if the mouse is over it. Ex:

MouseRect = new Rectangle(ms.X,ms.Y,1,1) 
if (MouseRect.Intersects(YourPoint.X,YourPoint.Y,WidthOfArea,HeightOfArea))
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Perfect! Thanks! –  user1621127 Oct 10 '12 at 22:57

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