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Does anyone know how to change location/path of cpanel account using PHP?

Basically will have a multi-brand store with SSL certs and we want this pointed to one location/directory in root.

I was able to achieve this with a small tweak in httpd.conf file, but we want to automate this and have a php plugin.

Any idea?

Note: We have dedicated servers and it's possible + tested.

Maybe with the help of cPanel API or something?

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I'm not aware of anything other than tweaking the httppd.conf file. However, perhaps you could build a post account creation script that hooks into the cpanel account setup. You can view the docs on WHM. I believe you will be after the postwwwacct script.


I'm not sure your reasoning for moving these to root, unless you have disk partitions set up in such a way that the home directory won't do, but perhaps using a filesystem junction point / link to that account folder would do the trick.

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