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This is my current matlab code:

a = load('m1.txt');
b = load('m2.txt');
c = a*b;
fid = fopen('Matrix.txt','wt');
for ii = 1:size(c,1)

Basically read in two files and multiply the result to get the multiplied matrix, and write it to a file.

I'm suppose to find out if there is a cache friendly way to do this. But I think matrix somewhat efficient in this area opposed to other programming languages sometimes. Any hints or sample code?

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You could also use dlmwrite('Matrix1.txt',c,'delimiter', '\t') and skip the for loop. –  AGS Oct 10 '12 at 22:12
Just to clarify the answers that have already been given: Probably the slow part of your code is not the matrix multiplication but actually writing out the result. –  Dennis Jaheruddin Jan 31 '13 at 15:30

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Matlab matrix multiplication is really very efficient. I do not think that you can do better than what is already there.

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You can use the save command to simplify the write to disk loop.

save Matrix.txt c -ascii

This will write to disk the variable 'c' in ascii format.

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