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Neither I could find a tutorial-like scheme for a resize event on QMainWindow, nor I did see any option for adding resize event in the drop-down menu at the Qt design window.

I am new to Qt. I'd like to write a slot function for a QMainWindow resize event. Is there such event? How can I do this?

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There is a resize event. In order to perform custom handling of the event, you'll need to create your own resize event handler. In your case, you would need to create a class that derives from QMainWindow and reimplement the resizeEvent function. Your code would look something like this:

void MyMainWindow::resizeEvent(QResizeEvent* event)
   // Your code here.

The Qt Scribble example also has an example of overriding the resize event (though not on the main window).

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You should not draw in captured resize event.( Here is the link:

The suggestion from RA did not work in my case. I had to remove QMainWindow::resizeEvent(event)to make it run.

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