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I need to generate some HMACs server side in my application written in node.js. Node does provide HMAC functionality in its crypto class:


However, keyczar has a few more features on top of this, particularly key rotation and management. Has anyone found a way to use keyczar from node.js, or perhaps implemented a key rollover strategy on top of node.js crypto?

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It seems to me building a version of Keyczar on top of node.js's crypto would be pretty ideal, but, I don't know of anyone who has done it.

However, c++ keyczar also supports swig bindings. I think you might be able to find some work out there to make swig accessible from node.js, on Swig's homepage they mention a recent SoC project to that effect.


You could also use Edge.js to use the C# version of keyczar directly.


KeyczarJS can be found on github.

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