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The title says multiple button presses, but actually I'm looking to stack multiple events. I have a chat application that can receive many chat messages at once. In my messageReceived function, I would like to scroll to the bottom of the most recent chats. The problem I'm having is that sometimes many messages (50+) can come in at the same time. I've determined that scrolling to the bottom is a huge performance bottle neck if performed 50 times, but works great if only performed after messages are received.

I'd like scroll to the bottom after a delay, say 0.1 seconds, in my messageReceived function. But I'd like all new chat messages that occur within this 0.1 seconds to "stack", and only issue a single scroll to bottom request.

I think that a system of setting and canceling timers would work for this, however I can't get it right. Is there a better way to make this happen! thanks!

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If you are setting your delayed "scroll to the bottom" request with something like

[[self myObject] performSelector:@selector(scrollToBottom:) 

then you can use a cancel command like

[NSObject cancelPreviousPerformRequestsWithTarget:[self myObject]

then the only time your scrollToBottom: gets called is when it doesn't get cancelled (so, the last time in the bunch). Now you don't need a timer.

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this works great! – portforwardpodcast Oct 10 '12 at 23:25

Not an exact solution, but something which could guide to right direction. You can set a flag in your .h file and use that to determine if the method has been already called.

In init method set flag as,

self.didCallScrollToBottomMethod = FALSE;

In your scrollToBottomMethod, check the condition as,

if (!self.didCallScrollToBottomMethod) {
   self.didCallScrollToBottomMethod = TRUE;
   //set the timer here to scroll after 0.1 seconds

In the timer method once the scrolling is completed, set the flag as,

self.didCallScrollToBottomMethod = FALSE;
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