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I have installed a servlet (solr) that requires that I set the variable solr.solr.home equal to solr home. Something like:


The version of tomcat I am using is running as a service setup through plesk control panel. After googling this I found a page that said I should edit the web.xml file in the war file and then re-jar it. I uncommented a section in the web.xml and filled in the necessary fields:


I repackaged the war file and reinstalled through the control panel but the logs are still complaining that solr/home needs to be set.

Anyone got any ideas?

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The answer to this can be found at this question: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1280548/why-cant-solr-1-3-0-install-using-centos-plesk-9-2-1-and-tomcat-5-5

Also, what I was doing in the web.xml file WAS correct. The tomcat logs were complaining aobut solr/home NOT being set but that wasn't the actual problem. Tomcat was missing a reference to the xalan library, and I explain in the link above how I went about fixing it.

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