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I would like to somehow load a JAR into a form element, and have it show up within the form, not as a separate entity. So the goal is to have a fully functioning java program working INSIDE of my program. :) As a complete fallback i will use the browser within to load the JAR, but i would very much prefer not to.

Hopefully that all makes sense.

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This is called a bridge - now I don't know how these solutions pertain to the UI, but this search will get you started.

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This is very interesting and is sorta what i was after, but my java application will not be interacting with my .net application at all. Which i believe is the use of these bridges, is mainly when the two programs needs to communicate. Do correct me if i am wrong though :) – Dibesjr Oct 10 '12 at 22:38

You should be able to use IKVM,

As shown in its tutorial,

You can convert a jar to .NET assembly by executing ikvmc your.jar

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