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I'm implementing in wordpress for homepage tabbed content. But, I'm having a problem with targeting specific tabs outside the homepage itself. I have the tabbed menu loaded into the header section for easy access from any page on the site, but no matter what, all three links default to the #first div content, even though it shows the correct # target in the address bar. I don't have JQuery called in the head and only on the homepage where the tabbed content lives.

Here's my code in the home.php

<div class="panes">
                <div id="first">

                <div id="second">

                <div id="third">

                jQuery(function() {
                jQuery("ul.tabs").tabs(".panes > div", {effect: 'fade'});

and here's my menu externally in my functions.php file

echo '<div id="custom-nav">';
                echo  genesis_do_nav();
                echo '<div id="header-tab-wrap">
                    <ul class="tabs">
                            <a id="t1" href="">Home</a>
                            <a id="t2" href="">Aero Systems Engineering</a>
                            <a id="t3" href="">Aero BridgeWorks</a>
            echo '</div>';
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