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I need to put a breakpoint when someone changes some variable to some value. I want to catch the exact moment this happens

Any hints please ?


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The kneejerk reaction is to pause the program, add the watchpoint manually by typing:

watch modify -c '(myVar == 23)'

(or whatever condition you want to evaluate) and then allow it to continue.

You can right click on a variable in the variable list and select 'Watch "variable name"' but there doesn't seem to be a way to make that conditional.

See the LLDB Tutorial for more on the command line-style interface to debugging; in particular you'll probably be interested in 'Setting Watchpoints' which is about halfway down.

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Thanks, I've been looking for a solution like this. And to make it so you don't need to pause, set a breakpoint when the var is originally set. Set 2 debugger actions in the breakpoint watch set var myVar then your watch modify -c '(myVar == 23)' then click the 'automatically continue' check mark. –  tassinari Dec 12 '12 at 20:00

You can add a breakpoint inside of a code block which monitors the value of the variable:

// Some code that might change the value of the variable

if (theVar != lastValueOfVar) {
    NSLog(@"Value changed!"); // Add a breakpoint here
    lastValueOfVar = theVar;

From Apple's documentation on adding breakpoints to a project:

To set a breakpoint, open a source-code file and click the gutter next to the line where you want execution to pause. When you add a breakpoint, Xcode automatically enables it. When an enabled breakpoint is encountered during execution, it will cause the program to pause.

To disable a breakpoint, click the breakpoint icon in the gutter. Click the breakpoint icon again to re-enable the breakpoint.

To turn off breakpoints, click the breakpoint button on the workspace toolbar. Click the button again to turn breakpoints back on.

To move a breakpoint, drag it to a new location. To remove a breakpoint, drag it out of the gutter.

You can also use the hotkey "Command + Backslash" (⌘\) to add or remove a breakpoint.

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Hi, I probably was not clear enough. I am not looking to put a breakpoint on the line of code. I want a watchpoint - if someone, somehwere, some time changes x theVar to value of 5 - i want it to break immediately –  Louis Shraga Oct 11 '12 at 4:49

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