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I have a WPF Windows application. I need to change the background color of the title bar. How can I do that?

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In WPF the titlebar is part of the non-client area, which can't be modified through the WPF window class. You need to manipulate the Win32 handles (if I remember correctly).
This article could be helpful for you: Custom Window Chrome in WPF.

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Here's an example on how to achieve this:

    <Grid DockPanel.Dock="Right"

        <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal"

            <Button x:Name="MinimizeButton"
                Style="{StaticResource MinimizeButton}" 
                Template="{StaticResource MinimizeButtonControlTemplate}" />

            <Button x:Name="MaximizeButton"
                Style="{DynamicResource MaximizeButton}" 
                Template="{DynamicResource MaximizeButtonControlTemplate}" />

            <Button x:Name="CloseButton"
                Command="{Binding ApplicationCommands.Close}"
                Style="{DynamicResource CloseButton}" 
                Template="{DynamicResource CloseButtonControlTemplate}"/>


Handle Click Events in the code-behind.

For MouseDown -


For Minimize Button -

App.Current.MainWindow.WindowState = WindowState.Minimized;

For DoubleClick and MaximizeClick

        if (App.Current.MainWindow.WindowState == WindowState.Maximized)
            App.Current.MainWindow.WindowState = WindowState.Normal;
        else if (App.Current.MainWindow.WindowState == WindowState.Normal)
            App.Current.MainWindow.WindowState = WindowState.Maximized;

I hope this helps.


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You can also create a borderless window, and make the borders and title bar yourself

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But then you have to build all taskbar functionalities yourself(like moving, maximize/restore size on double click, close on double click the icon, ...). –  Marcel B Aug 16 '09 at 11:59
yes... but it's no big deal, for instance the DragMove method makes it easy to handlo moving, and the rest is peace of cake ;) –  Thomas Levesque Aug 16 '09 at 13:21
i know... but building an own titlebar feels like a dirty trick to me.(besides creating the same Look&Feel is a pretty hard task imho) –  Marcel B Aug 16 '09 at 14:41
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