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I have a website, on which I have Facebook like button. Now, problem is, that I have open graph meta tags; og: type set to Article, but when someone likes and posts my link, Facebook takes it like LINK and NOT article as it should. For ex.: John Doe likes link bla bla bla.

But it must be like this:

John Doe likes article bla bla bla.

I tried Open Graph debugger, which takes right type. So I don't know where is the problem now. I have enabled and connected my Facebook app with website.

Here is link to Debugger.

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i have a video site -> , when people like my page using facebook plugin. It will show like a Video instead of link.

can you show us your site instead?we would like to check on your og property.

Regards, Woolei -> Facebook Application Consultant at

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To get that functionality you have to create an Open Graph action (Like) and use that instead of a regular Like button.

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